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White Insulated Foam Cups 16 oz 1000 Count - Disposable J Cup® | Dart 16J16

White Insulated Foam Cups 16 oz 1000 Count - Disposable J Cup® | Dart 16J16

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About this product

Introducing the Dart 16J16 – 16 oz White Insulated Foam Cup – J Cup® Insulated Foam Cups! The perfect companion for your hot and cold drinks. This amazing pack of 1,000 cups is designed with insulation technology to keep coffees hot and sodas cold, while being comfortable to hold. Best of all, you can choose the perfect lid for your needs and even have your cups printed with your business logo. Enjoy beverages at peak temperature with the 16J16 Insulated Foam Cup.


This bulk pack of 1000 Dart 16J16 J Cup® 16oz foam cups is perfect for a range of beverages. Keep your coffee and hot chocolate hot, and your sodas and lemonade cold, while being comfortable to hold. Perfect for a variety of events, from office parties to outdoor events, these foam cups are reliable and strong. Lids can be purchased separately to ensure a snug fit. Compatible lids include: 16JL, 16SL, 16UL, 16FTL, 16FTLS, 16EL, 16ELBLK, 16RCL, 16RCLBLK, 16LCD, 16LCDH and 16LCDHX.

Brand Dart
Type Cups
Color White
Material Styrofoam
Items Per Case 1000
Sleeves Per Case 40
Items Per Sleeve 25
Part Number 16J16
Capacity 16 fluid_ounces
Height 5.4 Inches
Bottom Diameter 2.4 Inches
Top Diameter 3.7 Inches
Special Features


Made in USA


Design Plain
Shape Round
Usage Hot & Cold
Case weight 13.75 lb.
Case Dimensions 31.81" X 28.31" X 16.81"
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