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ThermoGlaze Insulated Foam Cups 16 oz 1000 Count - Disposable Café G® | Dart 16X16G

ThermoGlaze Insulated Foam Cups 16 oz 1000 Count - Disposable Café G® | Dart 16X16G

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About this product

  • Customers shouldn't rely on "double cupping" their paper hot cups to avoid burning their fingers. Dart's Café G® stock printed foam cups keep hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold while remaining comfortable to the touch. Because this premium line of insulated ThermoGlaze® cups keeps drinks at their proper serving temperature, coffee will taste fresher longer than when served in a paper cup. The Café G coffee-themed design incorporates a subtle color coding system to help customers and employees identify the correct cup size. Simply look for the color of the cup, saucer, and napkin in the diamond. You'll also find a variety of specialty lids available for Café G, including our cappuccino lid and Optima® reclosable lid, to create the perfect combination for gourmet coffee to go.

  • The 16X16G cup can be used with the following lids, sold separately: 16JL, 16SL, 16UL, 16FTL, 16FTLS, 16EL, 16ELBLK, 16RCL, 16RCLBLK, 16LCD, 16LCDH, and 16LCDHX.

  • Brand Dart
    Type Cups
    Color Green
    Material Styrofoam
    Items Per Case 1000
    Sleeves Per Case 40
    Items Per Sleeve 25
    Part Number 16X16G
    Capacity 16 fluid_ounces
    Height 5.3 Inches
    Bottom Diameter 2.3 Inches
    Top Diameter 3.6 Inches
    Special Features


    Made in USA


    Design Café G®
    Shape Round
    Usage Hot & Cold
    Case weight 13.76 lb.
    Case Dimensions 31.88" X 27.88" X 16.88"
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