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Large Party Plastic Cups 16 oz (1000 Count) - Crystal Clear Disposable Party Cups

Large Party Plastic Cups 16 oz (1000 Count) - Crystal Clear Disposable Party Cups

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  • 🧋 【10 X 100 PACK PLASTIC CUPS】 - 16 oz plastic cups - Our premium plastic disposable cups 16 oz are translucent so you can clearly see the beautiful colors of different drinks and enjoy the sight of fizzy crystal bubbles.
  • Happy serving: 16 oz. A clear pet plastic cold Cup is perfect for serving refreshing drinks and cocktails at your bar or catered event. These plastic cold cups will create an irresistible product presentation while preparing the smoothies, milkshakes, Iced tea and sodas at your eatery. You can also use this cup to serve fruit salads, desserts, or appetizers.
  • 💪 【STURDY & REINFORCED】 - High-quality 16oz plastic cups 16 oz size made of sturdy PET material. These clear cups are BPA-free, non-liquid absorbing, and easy to clean for reuse. Odorless and does not affect aroma or taste.
  • Practically unbreakable: constructed of virtually indestructible pet plastic, this cup is crack resistant and will not break in guest Hands. Without the hassle and worry of cracked sidewalls, you can minimize customer complaints by providing durable drinkware for an enjoyable experience. Pet is a recyclable material designed to reduce the amount of waste in landfills.
  • 👍 【EASY TO SIP & HOLD】 - Clear plastic cups with a rolled rim to provide rigidity and guarantee a comfortable sipping experience. Slimmer bottom to fit easily in your hand and in cupholders. Match with various lid types.
  • Extraordinary clarity: The clarity of this disposable plastic cup presents an upscale appearance while also providing great product visibility, Which helps boost impulse sales for all of your thirst-quenching beverages.
  • 🚊 【TO GO & TRAVEL FRIENDLY】 - 16-ounce plastic cups, disposable single-use or multi-use. Party cups for birthdays, holidays, indoor events, and outdoor festivities. Travel cups and takeout cups for bars and restaurants.


  • Grab n Go…: Use these cups to package grab-and-go foods like parfaits, cold salads, vegetables, fruits, yogurts and other snacks.
  • 🥤 【COLD DRINK MULTI USE】 - Plastic drinking cups 16 oz for Cold Drinks, Water, Beer, Cocktails, Juice, Smoothie, Slushie, Soda Pop, Iced Coffee, Iced Tea, Boba Tea, Lemonades, Frappuccinos, Milkshake, Frozen Drink, and so much more!
  • Rolled Rim: a rolled rim provides a comfortable drinking experience and ensures a secure and perfect fit when a compatible lid is added for to-go applications. This product is compatible with a standard lid size, which makes it easy to serve guests drinks on the go. Regardless of your business type, Durameg plastic cold Cup is an economical choice that provides excellent functionality, sturdiness, and quality.
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